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Our Introduction
Welcome to a New World

The world of the Modern Alternative Lifestyle. A society with open minds that wish to explore Ethical Non Monogamy in a supporting environment.
Social events, complimented with Information and Education for the curious, exploring and experienced Adult.

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Experiences you will not Forget

Ethical Acceptance

Clay Sarah

Adult Playground

Ms Stacey & Pj

Sexy as You Dare

The Studio

No Means No

CAPCClub Elite

Always SEXY, Always SASSY, Forever CLASSY

Community Feedback

Life is Short, One needs to enjoy the moment, you will never know if it will be your last. I have always lived by the words. I can honestly say CAPCClub provides a atmosphere that allows me to be me and enjoy others for the amount of time I am with them.


I have had some good and bad encounters, the good ones out number the bad. I will be back.

S Pellt


I have been to both CAPCClub and CAPC-Elite, some events are great, others are not as great. I met some very interesting people and had a lot of fun each time.


Unicorn Poly

I am a voyeur, could not have found a better setup.


Ms Stacey
Ms Stacey

Daddy Bear Pj
Daddy Bear Pj

The Goal to Please
Your Hosts

Your Hosts live the Modern Adult Alternative Lifestyle

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