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CAPC- Lifestyle FAQ

Please read the following and we are sure that we will be able to answer your most common questions.


Q: Exactly what are you all about? Who are you?

We are a FUN, private adult social club for adventurous adults…MODERN COUPLES. We’re an upscale club, one that offers an alternative to mainstream nightclubs and underground sex clubs. We’re based on a foundation of respect, discretion, comfort and safety. We are not a sex/orgy club although we do welcome open, swingers, poly, same sex relations D/s and those curious about it.

The majority of our members are experienced lifestylers or curious or relatively new to swinging, bi-sexuality, polyamory, etc, while other members enjoy dressing sexy, nudity, exhibitionism/voyeurism, fetishes, etc. Our philosophy is that sexuality is healthy and should be explored in a consensual and safe manner. Our focus is on friendship and mutual respect and no pressure or expectations are placed on other members.

Admittance is by invitation only. This enables us to grow a membership of like-minded individuals. Some of our members are not into swinging or D/s, but they love to dress sexy and have a place to go to be seen and have a little fantasy, playful fun through various theme parties. Other members enjoy meeting like-minded people for friendship and possible relationship.


Q: Does the Club have any polices or rules?

Yes, the following are the Club Policies and Rules:

We have a zero tolerance policy at CAPC events and functions. We will not tolerate Excessive Drinking or Drug Use.

We expect that everyone be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. We do not promote pressure or aggressive behavior.

Please respect other people’s rights. NO means NO!!

Uninvited and/or non-consensual touching or grabbing will not be tolerated .

No illegal sexual activity will be allowed.

If you encounter any problems or difficulties while at the club, please bring it to the attention of management immediately. (Management will deal with the issue in a discrete fashion.)

Q: What do you offer?

We provide Adult Social Events  Each event has it’s own theme, please refer to our calendar often to make sure you do not miss an event that you are interested in.

Open Socials – The membership is made up of couples and single females – single males must be in the accompaniment of member couple or single female. The members are everything from straight, swingers, bi and or are in poly relationships. Each enjoying a number of open lifestyle relationships.

Poly Socials 
for those that Love more than ONE. This does not mean others cannot join in. It is an non judgmental environment that is open to all approved guests. 

CAPC-Elite Do you want to attend socials that are at another Level CAPC-Elite could be for you 



Q: Do you provide connections?

Sorry, we are unable to provide after club hours connections. If you wish to connect with a couple of interest please make your intentions known when you meet.


Q: Do we have to do anything we’re not comfortable with?

No one is expected to do anything they are not comfortable with. By all means, feel free to be playful and be yourself as long as you feel comfortable and we ask all members to be respectful of others in turn. We actively maintain a non-threatening, NO-PRESSURE environment. We ask all members to not do anything to make anyone else feel uncomfortable. You might see a lot of flirting, varying degrees of nudity and playfulness. If other people are touching each other that does not mean anyone else can get involved. There also is no pressure to dress according to theme. Some people enjoy wearing sexy outfits but for those who do not, they are still in good company as not everyone enjoys the clothing aspect, we are all members that accept each other for who they are.


Q: How do I become a member?

We’ll first need to get to know you better. Please write a little paragraph about yourself answering the brief Q & A. We may respond with additional questions and we encourage you to do the same.
Applicants will be sent an invitation via email to one regular function. Note: We only allow couples and single females to attend our Saturday Night events. A female or couple must accompany all males; no single males will be admitted (Saturday Night events)

Once you receive your invitation we will ask you to come earlier in the evening before regular members arrive. When you arrive you will be greeted by your hosts and be given a tour of the club this will provide you more information about the club and give you an opportunity to ask any questions.

You will be required to complete a membership form (containing full name, age, form of contact (email is preferred)). We need to see identification, sorry no false names will be accepted, the membership form will be maintained on file and you will be registered electronically. Please note attending as a guest does not guarantee that membership status will be granted, acceptance is a mutually agreed upon process by CAPC and yourselves.

If you think the club is right for you, just express your interest to the hosts that evening that or drop us an email that you would like to come back again and become a member, it is that simple.

Once membership is requested and dues are paid, you will receive a membership card. Members will be sent newsletters to all upcoming club events and offerings or you can check out our website for the latest news. You are required to present your membership card at the door when you attend each function.


Q: What does membership to this club include?

Membership holders are entitled membership rates at all of our events.

We are Licensed and do sell alcohol, water, pop, juice, ice. Glasses, utensils, bottle openers, corkscrews, snacks, etc are available.

Your membership is valid for: Intimate Times in Edmonton Alberta, Risque Vegas Estate , Las Vegas Nevada. (Ask for Details). We are always working on other benefits for our members.


Q: How many members are there?

Currently, we have more than 900 members. Naturally, however, not all members make it out to each event. On average 20-60 people come out to these parties, there is no way of predicting this. For popular events such as Halloween and New Years we typically have 100 people come out for the evening.


Q: What are your existing members like? Who are they?

Our members are adults from all walks of life, nationalities and backgrounds. Generally, our members are avant-garde and sexually adventurous couples, single females or committed triads. Ages range from early 21s to 65s. Generally, our members are respectful couples and single females. Also, almost all of our members who are couples tell us they are in a stable, loving relationship with each other and because they are able to have open and honest communication, they are able to explore their sexuality and/or fantasies with each other. The majority of members who join us come with no expectations other than to mingle with sexy people and have a good time.


Q: What if we belong to other clubs? Can we join?

Absolutely! Variety is the spice of life! Some of our members also belong to other clubs. Also just as we’re not for everyone, everyone is not for the other clubs. But it’s a good idea to check out all your options and feel free to enjoy the other clubs.


Q: Will I fit in?

Most people are nervous attending their first few functions. After that, they usually realize that they are under no pressure to do or participate in anything they are not comfortable with. We strongly urge people to come with no expectations. Simply come to have a relaxed social evening, maybe dance a little, maybe meet nice, sexy people and see the group having a nice evening out. If you’re not too shy or nervous, try introducing yourself to others and they’ll in turn introduce you to more people. You’ll have more fun that way rather than sitting quietly in a corner. Unless, of course, you’re content being a voyeur!


Q: Can I bring a friend or another couple to a function?

We are a private membership-based club. All functions are by invitation only, we are not open to the public, therefore, we do not permit anyone to walk in off the street. Everyone who attends a function must present either an invitation, a full membership, or must be in the immediate company of a MEMBER, We pride ourselves on our application process, and our members have strongly indicated that they do not wish to see strangers freely walking in off the street. If you know of someone who is interested, please have them approach us through the regular channels, that is, have them visit this website and contact us as you have. It helps if they let us know who referred them to us.


Q: Where and when are the parties and events held?

All functions are held at a privately owned location. The location is kept confidential from the general public. This clean facility is tastefully furnished, has a dance floor, a quieter upper level, seating on both levels, a bar, a fridge and basically everything you need for a fun party. We are a smoke-free facility, members who wish to smoke are welcome to partake outdoors. The address of the club is divulged only to members and prospective members who are provided with invitation. Our door opens at 8 PM on the nights of our functions and we close around 1 am.

Click here to see our Events Calendar.

Q: What are the parties like? What can I expect?

As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to come with no expectations other than to have an enjoyable, no-pressure time. Generally, you won’t find people talking about where they work or what they do because everyone is there to escape reality and explore that ‘other side’ of themselves. Some of the evenings can be sexy, wild and lots of friendly interaction erotic, while others are a little more on the mild, gentle side. Mostly, people meet and mingle, dancing is now permitted. No two evenings are alike. Sometimes you’ll be in a real energetic party and other times you’ll notice the evening is somewhat more subdued and intimate. It all depends on how many people come, who is there, what mood they’re in. One thing is for sure – how much fun you have all depends on YOU.


Q: What’s the acceptable way to dress up for club nights? What’s the scoop on attire?

Dress Code:

Ladies – some ladies are comfortable being dressed sexy and others prefer to be covered up it is up to you, but please ladies no yoga pants, no ripped jeans, no runners, no flip flops.

Gentlemen – nice jeans, dress pants, collared shirts or dress t-shirts are required – baseball hats, toques, or bandanas, ripped jeans, runners or casual everyday t-shirts or tank tops are not acceptable forms of wear.

The Studio is an upper scale venue and we would like to keep it that way. Please dress accordingly and ensure your hygiene is on point – so you don’t get sent away.

CAPC-Grotto is a upper scale Adult Playground. You must be a member of CAPC-Elite to join in the Experience. 

You are not required to dress in theme, but it can add to the night. Keep in mind everyone is open-minded and some are outright addicted to wearing the sexiest outfits that will grab attention. Put some creativity into it. Your evening is an escape from reality.





Ms. Stacey

Thank you for reading! CAPC events are not a free ticket to any any type of relationship,  connection and or interaction. CAPCClub provides a SAFE Environment for the Modern Alternative Lifestyle Adult to Socialize.
No Means No!
If this is something you would like to try please do request an invitation.

Invitations DO NOT GUARANTEE ENTRY to a CAPCClub Event  

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