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A Message from Ms Stacey & Pj CAPCClub, CAPC-Elite

We have a message for our CAPCClub members and the Alternative Lifestyle Community. We wil keep it short and move into the nitty gritty of what is happening.

The lockdown did not do anyone any favors, mentally and financially. All forms of business had to be very creative and a lot of support from financial backing, if they were going to survive. Obviously most of the Lifestyle Clubs in Alberta were able to do exactly that.

Life does change, Ms Stacey and Pj have been providing a Lifestyle Experience for a number of years, we have seen a lot of people come and go, each for various reasons. Everyone of those people that came into our life or into the CAPCClub. Each were welcomed and we believe they enjoyed our style of events, Each intended to provide an experience that each attendee would remember.  


We have closed down the CAPCClub NE Calgary Location.
Within it’s walls there will soon be the club

Does that mean that Ms Stacey and Pj are retiring? Not on your Alternative Lifestyle LIFE, we are continuing our journey to create New Lifestyle Experiences and Adventures .

1) CAPCClub will continue forward with events at various locations, picking up frequency in 2024, with a variety of events being planned.
When you need a night out amongst the like minded, would be the Club of choice, we encourage all CAPCClub members to visit

2) The Roundhouse Grotto is being licensed as a Luxury Bed & Breakfast Staycation resort. Ms Stacey and Pj will welcome all nationalities and lifestyles within its walls.
The Roundhouse Grotto will be home to CAPC-Elite.  
With events being held and planned to finish 2023 and into through 2024 you will not want to miss any.  Check the web site for CAPC Elite events available to you.

3) Get The Fuck On Radio, This is the passion of Ms Stacey & Pj. An Online Lifestyle Radio specifically for those that live the Alternative Lifestyle. Load onto your browser and enjoy a radio station specific our Alternative Lifestyle.

Thankyou for all the years that you enjoyed our hosting of your lifestyle events.   We enjoyed providing an experience for those that entered CAPCClub Northeast Location.

Ms Stacey & Pj
Always Sexy, Always Sassy, FOREVER CLASSY.



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Welcome to The Modern Alternative Lifestyle

The Modern Alternative Lifestyle is open to opportunity to meet and explore all of the possibilities. Get The Fuck On Life to open up your LIFE. Interact On Line with others that are LIKE MINDED!

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