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A Message from CAPCClub, CAPC-Elite, KNetic Club & KNetic Men

A Message from CAPC-Club, CAPC-Elite, KNetic Club & KNetic Men

Dear Members,

We are very happy to announce exciting new changes for our members in the Alternative Lifestyle Community, and plan to bring you new options that vary as much as the people that live the lifestyle.

The Calgary Adult Playground Community Club (CAPC Club), KNetic Club and KNetic Men are in the process of working together in new and exciting ways. This new structure will better serve the community as a whole, and will provide superior venue and event options for all of our members.

Here are the upcoming changes you can expect from all our clubs:

  • CAPC-Club & CAPC Elite: All current and active memberships will be honoured at KNetic Club.
    • We encourage all of our CAPC members to visit the KNetic Club website and apply for a free profile at
    • If you have an active paid membership with CAPC-Club/CAPC-Elite, KNetic will honour your membership. Please email Neal at: for more information.
  • CAPC-Elite: These events will remain at the Grotto. Other Elite events will be scheduled at various locations to be announced.
  • KNetic Men: This Fall, KNetic Men will be relocated to the former CAPC-Club location, giving the KNetic Men members their own dedicated venue.

We are excited, as we know these changes will better serve the communities that we are all dedicated to. As a team, we have been working hard on this for our members over the past few months. Additional details will be released as we finalize what we will be offering to all of you.

The CAPC Team would like to thank all of our members in our Alternative Lifestyle Community for over 25 years of patronage at CAPC-Club. We hope you will enjoy the new experiences and venues being made available to you. 

Many Thanks,

CAPC-Club & CAPC-Elite
Ms Stacey & PJ and the CAPC Team

KNetic Club & KNetic Men
Neal & Krista and the KNetic Team



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