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CLUB SOCIALS  Always Sexy Always Sassy Forever Classy  a Social Club for the Modern Alternative Lifestyle Adult. The Calgary Adult Playground (Polyamory) Community Club provides social events that allow Adults who are curious, accepting and or live an Alternative Lifestyle a place to socialize with like minded. We are a welcoming group; you just need to be a respectful person with an open mind.  

Monogamous, Ethical Non Monogamy: Open, Poly relationships that provide the social environment for heterosexuals, bi-sexuals, lesbians, gays and transgender to enjoy and environment that is welcoming and safe. Swingers to BDSM all lifestyles full time or only when the urge comes upon us holds events for you.



Where Everyone Knows Your Name

CAPCClub Our home club is the Studio a tastefully decorated facility in Calgary, Alberta. The Studio is Open at various times during the week, check the calendar for the next event.  

CAPCClub is OPEN Friday and Saturday evenings, and on occasion, CAPCClub is OPEN for other scheduled events (check schedule). CAPCClub holds events at the Studio a social environment that welcomes interactivity between consenting adults.


Fees Per NEW Member
$ 50
Event Fee Per New Member
  • $ 10.00 Membership included
  • BYOB (Spirits)
  • Non Alcoholic Bevarges & Mix Provided
First Time

CAPCClub Member

Event Fee
$ 40
  • BYOB Bring your own Spirits
  • Non Alcoholic Beverages and Mix Provided
  • Attire Sexy as you Dare/Casual Smart
  • Invite Non Members to Event
 Event price may change on occasion. Festival/Celebration events will exceed 40.00 per member; Stampede, Halloween, Christmas, New Years and or other events deemed a Festival/Celebration.


Always SEXY. Always SASSY, Forever CLASSY

CAPC-Elite members are not some snobbish group, the members are people that truly live an alternative Lifestyle 24/7. In public they appear to be like any other, only those that live the Alternative Lifestyle see the signs. Each shares a portion of their lives wit the others, some share more than you would think as that is what it is all about. Non judged Lifestyles that inter-mix with others that live their lifestyle the way that they want. We are not full of rules or make it impossible to join us. We do expect good behavior, respect and understanding to the many lifestyles that you will meet and interact with. Membership is unique and welcoming.
Our Get away location is located west of Calgary the CAPC Grotto, a true Adult Playground with many amenities that will make you excited and in the mood for Adult Fun. Other locations and Events are selected and presented to CAPC Elite members for their consideration. CAPC-Elite is the Modern Alternative Lifestyle Adult Social Club that mixes you with the like minded.

Check the CAPC-Elite Events for the next event.


Member Events
$ 125
Per Person/Event (unless otherwise posted)
  • Invites to CAPC-Elite Events
  • $20.00 Door Fee to CAPCClub
  • Can Invite Guests to Events
  • 15% discount at
  • Other Discounts and Offers

How do I become a CAPC-Elite member?

  • CAPCClub member for 6 months Minimum attendance, 1 event per month;

  • Must maintain respectable interaction with other members.

  • A current CAPC-Elite member can recommend you being awarded a membership. (This can override the requirement for a 6 mth CAPCClub membership)

  • CAPC-Elite Members must attend a minimum of 4 CAPC-Elite Events a year, to maintain ALL Member privileges.

  • Management has the right to accept or deny any applications for a CAPC-Elite Membership

Want to join CAPC-Elite? Send us a


1) I am a Valid member in Good Standing with CAPCClub YES
2) I have CAPC-Elite members that will provide references YES

Send us a email with any questions that you may have “”QUESTIONS””

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