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Modern Alternative Lifestyle Events for those that live the Lifestyle. Socialize with the like minded. Enjoy their company for the amount of time that you are with them.

It is the choice of each individual whether the connection is for the moment or it becomes a relationship. CAPC has two groups CAPCClub: Poly & Open Socials  and CAPC-Elite each offers socials that allow you to meet other Modern Alternative Lifestyle Adults

I/We have not EVER Attended a CAPCClub Event, or it has been a couple of years.
We Ask that you

You have never attended a CAPC Event? We ask that you read what we are all about and if it something you would like to try then request an INVITE

You have attended one of our CAPCClub events previously? No need to read everything again Reserve your place NOW.

CAPC-Elite is for Approved CAPC-Elite Members Only. 
If you are a CAPC-Elite Member and wish to Reserve your place at a CAPC -Elite Event Make Your Reservation. 
If you are interested in finding out what CAPC-Elite is About? 

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