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CAPC Themes

Different Types of Themes but not limited to:

Soft Swap:Couples trade partners for a little play. Typically there is No penetration in a soft swap, just foreplay and maybe a little oral sex.

Full Swap: Full swap parties are where couples trade partners and have as much fun as they want with one another.

Group Sex: The room is open to anyone and everyone who might want to join in the fun. This is where you will have multiple groups of people all going at it at once in the same location.

BDSM: This is where the kinky side of the lifestyle comes into play. Partners are free to explore their own Fantasy and boundaries. Some people might be open to certain acts, some may not be; Domination & Submission, Role Play, Rope Play, Impact Play, amd more

Cuckold / Cuckquean: One partner has sex with another person or multiple people while their partner watches.

Key Party: Basics are, everyone puts their keys in a bowl and the keys you draw are the partner you start with.

Open Ask: People are free to mingle and then they can choose different partners by asking them to play.

A Good Social is Still a Party at Heart.

Some of the Themes held throughout the year.

Masquerade: Most people in the lifestyle have seen Eyes Wide Shut, A masquerade party is a great way to create that sexy atmosphere for a party. There’s just something about the perceived anonymity that can really help people let go and have fun.

Alternate Clothing: Show up in any type of covering that isn’t clothing.

Pimp and Ho: The men get to dress up in their best pimp attire (and the women too), and the ladies can break out their sexiest outfits.

Superhero / Villain: Come as a favorite superhero or villain and they are free to create their own.

Back to School: Want to be a naughty schoolgirl? This is the event.


Break the ice, Go old school and we play a round of spin the bottle, strip twister, or even “never have I ever” .

Scavenger hunt. Members have to find objects around the area or on other players.

There are many other Themes that are held, Christmas, New Years, Cinco D Mayo, St Patricks, Halloween and more. CAPCClub typically holds one theme event a month.


The best parties are the ones where nobody has to worry about doing something they don’t feel comfortable doing.
No Means No: Let your guests know that anyone can say no or stop at any time they want.

Respect Property and the Location: be respectful of the property of others and the location where the event is taking place.
Respect the Rooms: Members use the rooms for their intended purpose.
Protection: condoms and lube is availble.
Violators Must Leave Immediately: Violations of the rules will be cause for them to immediately leave the party. There are no second chances here.

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