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Entourage Limo

Limo Fantasy Date

Book a LIMOUSINE for a Fantasy Date.

A Two Hour Chauffeured Limousine ride with Steak and Wine Dinner.
What you do in the back will be Only for your Senses to KNOW. 

Full Swap Radio

A station dedicated to the adult alternative lifestyles/ sex positive shows. We pride ourselves on having shows that cover nearly all different aspects of “the Lifestyle“.


CAPC Explore

Join the Millions at the BEST FREE LIFESTYLE SITE


KNetic Club

Welcome to the KNetic Club!


Do you have the courage to explore your fantasies and bring your imagination to life?

NU Lifestyle

NU Lifestyle Socials

Where the SEXY is YOU!

NU Lifestyle

A Little More Interest

Multiple Qualtiy Brand Names

With several different options to choose from, you will be able to find something that will make you feel like a sexy vixen


NU Lifestyle

NU Lifestyle Brand

Fashionable and stylish apparel. Sexy lingerie for whatever scene you’re into. NU Lifestyle has something for you.

NU Lifestyle

Get The Fuck On Radio

Radio for the Modern Alternative Lifestyle ADULT


Get The Fuck On Life

A Social Community for the Modern Adult Alternative Lifestyle Adult

Join an exciting