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We provide a poly amorous adult playground at very sexy places, You can be as mild or as wild as you like!
An environment where you can turn your fantasies into reality. We are an experience that you will remember. If you choose to share the expereince that is your business, we are certainly not going to tell.

Our guests are welcomed: a cocktail and dining on menus for the palate this is a social event in itself.
Spend your time with us enjoying the amenities of the location; dancing, socializing, laughing and playing,
Entertainment that features sexy theme nights, making for unique and memorable experiences.

Soothing and relaxing spa and beauty treatments (offered at additional) cost.

Group events and meetings. We help plan and book programs and themed events custom tailored to your event.
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Often, some of the most satisfying experiences in life are the ones that you decide to keep a secret!
There is a a wild side to all of us that we ignore or never act upon.
CAPCClub-ELITE is an adult playground, it feeds the mind, the body, the spirit and the soul.
There are many forms of pleasure which you may find:
You don’t feel like doing anything so you don’t.
You want to try the playroom for the first time. move in!
You’ve never been nude in front of strangers. Now is the time!
Information, Education and Mentors to provide their thoughts and ideas.
An experience with CAPCClub-Elite is one that is Life Changing.

With absolutely everything included in one upfront price, from amazing food, fine dining, relaxation and adult play. You do not have to think about money. Not even tips. Just what to do next. And when. And with whom.

After being wicked at one of our events, you’ll view the world from a slightly different angle. You’ll be relaxed, and at times you’ll find yourself smiling for no reason whatsoever, nobody else needs to know…

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