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You have never attended a CAPC Event. We ask that you read what we are all about and if it something you would like to try then request an INVITE

Fetish & Kink Playful or Serious, Light or Heavy, maybe something in between. always SAFE CAPC Kink & Fetish

Each one of the listed events allows Fetish and Kink Play
Games Night: Board Games to Virtual Reality 
PolyOrgy (Gang Bang): a managed event Each of those that wish to experience this form of play will be comforted by the Rules implemented. 
Speed Dating: Looking for a Fuck Buddy,  Kink Partner or just to have coffee   


CAPC Fetish & Kink Event

This event allows serious players singles and or couples an opportunity to play in the realm of S&M play. The event will only allow experienced players, known by management, by interview or as a guest of a CAPCClub or Elite member.

The event will allow extreme play only by following the rules and etiquette as posted, any non-consensual play and or violation of the rules will have the players banned.

The event is real and we expect you to play your part in how you dress and how you act. Dominants should be Dominant respecting basic rules and etiquette and submissives should be submissive in their roles respecting basic rules and etiquette.

This can be a

  1. S&M event, nothing less, Sadistic Masochistic play is permitted.
  2. Gang Bang, for those that appreciate more than one.
    Special Rules Apply 
    a) The person being banged selects the players.
    b) A colored wrist band is provided. 
    c) The banged selects the players and provides a matching colored wrist band. 
    d) A Bull Dogger is recommended. 
    e) Any person violates basic respect full rules 
    Questions please e-mail or call, 
  3. Information Education on Femdom, Maledom, submissives, slaves, Female Led Relationships, Male Led Relationships, Cross Dressing, and more.
  4. Game nights: Speed Dating, Electronic games

Or we can be a place to dress up in your favorite FETISH Outfit.  The point is others play may not be your style, it is their style and so it should be Respect others from of PLAY.

Each play scene must be negotiated and agreed to. Event organizers, Bull dogs and Dungeon Monitors must review and provide acknowledgement that the scene is permitted.

This event is for you to play and experience extreme in SAFETY and be with like-minded people that understand.
This event is meant for the devoted players of Domination and submission with a taste for Not your normal type play, Sadistic and Masochistic play or extreme Fetish Play  

There is a 40 person limit on attending members that will be permitted to attend.

Attendees can engage in impact play (whipping, spanking, and paddling), electrical stimulation, sensory play. sensory deprivation, bondage, and suspension. 
Latex, Rubber, or Fantasy Role Play is encouraged. 

S&MPlay does not serve or allow alcohol or other recreational stimulants, and “all participants only participate in scenes that are safe, sane, and consensual.”

Membership is available to all straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. CAPC Membership is required to attend.

Listed below are our essential House Rules and Proper Etiquette.
You will be orientated upon your arrival of the additional rules to the event.

1. The basic principle is, ‘be responsible adults’.
2. You must be at least 21 years old to enter the club.
3. Everybody must have a Membership to attend any CAPC KINK S&M Play Event.
4. Consent, Consent, Consent. Only yes means YES and then it can change in the next second. Be aware and respect your play partners comfort and tolerance level.
5. CAPC follows this simple and safe guideline: PRICK (Personal Responsibility in Consensual Kink).
6. Respect the Scene. Do not interrupt a scene in progress, keep your voices down when near a scene. If you feel a scene is unsafe, report it to the Host or Dungeon Monitor.
7. Negotiate all scenes, including pick-up-play. Do not assume anything.
8. Never touch anyone, their equipment, or belongings without permission.
9. No means No. (see rule 4)

Questions send an e-mail to

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