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Looking for the finer things in Life. CAPC-Elite might be for you and your partner (s) 

A Modern Alternative Lifestyle event:

The Calgary Adult Polyamory Community Club welcomes all Monogamous and Non-Monogamous people. We are a social club that welcomes all genders and the lifestyle that you live. As long as you are respectable and open minded to others, you are welcome to join us at a CAPCClub event.

An Adult Playground, whose primary place open weekly is, a tastefully decorated location with amenities that will excite the engaging Adult. Be prepared as these events are full of exciting connections and interactive connections.

Let’s move on to the next level of your LIFE.

Are you looking to meet up with SEXY People? People that have the same thoughts on their mind? CAPCClub welcomes Swingers, Open relationships, Polyamorous and those that are Open minded to accept what others are doing around them.

Monogamous is defined as persons/couples that are partnered to each other, who typically do not go further than a friendship.

Friends with Benefits is defined as A friends with benefits (FWB) relationship is when two or more friends mutually agree on having a sexual or other relationship with no strings attached.

Polyamory is defined as living a responsible non-monogamy lifestyle loving more than ONE.  In many situations, the person is connected to a life partner, and they still include others to their lifestyle.

Open Relationships are defined as no less than a couple that are allowed to date and/or have relationships with others without including their Partner (s) in on all the details.

Swingers is defined as responsibly non-monogamous, seeking to sexually connect with other like-minded couples and individuals. 

Hetrosexual, Bi Sexual, Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and others are all welcome to join the Calgary Adult Playground/Polyamory Community Club.

We are a membership club, that takes applications to join our membership. has many benefits to offer:  

         Much More is available to you, join us and find out what we have to offer.

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CAPCClub events are held at various locations, each is determined to compliment the type of event being held. 

Lets talk about events that are for those that enjoy the finer things in life “”CAPC-Elite” 

CAPC-Elite holds events at the GROTTO A Very Unique Private Location West of Calgary
The event organizers manage the property, and therefore, they control the type of access to the building at all times.

How do I become a CAPC-Elite Member? 

  • CAPCClub member for 6 months Minimum attendance, 1 event per month;

  • Must maintain respectable interaction with other members.

  • A current CAPC-Elite member can recommend you being awarded a membership. (This can override the requirement for a 6 mth CAPCClub membership)

  • CAPC-Elite Members must attend a minimum of 4 CAPCClub Events a year, and a minimum of 2 CAPC-Elite events per year  to maintain ALL Member privileges.

  • Management has the right to accept or deny any applications for a CAPC-Elite Membership

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1) I am a Valid member in Good Standing with CAPCClub YES
2) I have CAPC-Elite members that will provide references YES

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Calgary Adult Polyamory Community Club (CAPCC) & CAPC-Elite has expectations, standards and rules of conduct. We are an Alternate Lifestyles Community. We believe in the openness of the modern Alternative Lifestyle Single, Couple and/or more, and your desire to share your relationship with others. Our members are professional, discreet and respectful couples, females and males with high energy and great attitudes toward life.

Members’ ages currently range from 21 to 70 +.

We are not a hardcore club…members’ interests range from soft to hard-swinging, polyamorous relationships, BDSM , light and gentle teasing to Dominant and submissive relationships.


  • No means No
  • Enjoy the environment only to the level that you are comfortable with, nothing more!

We absolutely do not tolerate anyone making another member or guest feel uncomfortable or pressured. This is an environment where all should feel free and open to have the experience they choose to have.

ALWAYS SEXY, ALWAYS SASSY, FOREVER CLASSY    Always Sexy, Always Classy, Forever Classy

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Looking for longer term Friendship and more? The Calgary Adult Polyamory Community Club is what you are looking for. Check our events listing for an event that works for you.

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