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We recommend you take the time to read and understand the information within this read. We encourage you to understand the Lifestyle that is made available to you.
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The Alternative Lifestyle
In this day and age, denying alternative relationships exist is impossible! There are tons of different alternative relationships that might be completely different from yours, but are interesting to observe and understand. Below, We are going to cover the top 8 alternative relationships that might never, ever work for you, but they do for other people. Are you ready to take a look at other relationships that may never be your lifestyle, but they work for other people?

Lets provide a brief explanation of what is termed as the Modern Alternative Lifestyle, the core is Ethical Non Monogamy. Does Ethical Non Monogamy mean you are having SEX with everyone you meet, It most certainly does not. It does provide an environment that allows you to experience other people at what ever level of interaction you would like; Socializing, Activities, and yes maybe even SEX. This lifestyle is about trust and communication, each must communicate truthfully to all their partners and in turn they expect to be told what the others are up to. This does not have to be a detailed explanation, unless you want it to be. It does need to be truthful and timely. Lets take a look at the primary lifestyles that are out there.

Open Relationships
The ability for a partner to meet someone on their own terms without necessarily informing their partner (s) of the meet at the time it happens. It is expected that the engaging partner does inform the others of the connection and if their is a continuing relationship the others would be made aware of it. Can an open relationship cheat on each other absolutely they can by simply not communicating anything about the meeting is cheating and consider to be in violation of the Ethical Non-Monogamous standards.

Swingers or more currently may be named Modern Swingers
Swingers (also referred to as swinging or partner swapping) is a completely non-monogamous behavior’s in which a married (or couple in a committed relationship) swaps partners to engage in sexual activity at one event. Will this alternative relationship work for everyone? Of course not! But does it work for some people? It does! Believe it or not, this actually started way back in the 16th century, so it is nothing new, but it’s just difficult to understand sometimes right?

Poly-amorous relationships have actually come to light very recently, even though these alternative relationships have been around for a while, recently there has been more talk of being poly-amorous. There are different sub-relationships under the poly-amorous heading, but it is basically all revolving around multiple partners all in one relationship. Again, while this alternative relationship might not work for you, it does work for other people!

Dominant & submissive
With many movies depicting some sort of alternate play between Adults. a movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ opened a door to another world, this type of relationship is becoming more known and greatly understood. This type of relationship takes a lot of trust and a ton of patience, learning the ins and outs of what turns you on. It’s a lifestyle that is catching and while it might not be yours, it does work for other people! Never be afraid to be open and welcome to chance to explore learn and possibly experience it may just be something that fits into your life.

Multiple Wives or in some case multiple Husbands
This is happening nowadays, with shows like ‘Sister Wives’ and ‘Big Love’ out there. This is actually different than being poly-amorous, this is actually where a man has multiple wives. Typically, this is found in the Mormon and Latter Day Saints faith and only a specific faith does practice this. While this might not work for you, because it can work for other people! This alternative relationship is very different from the others, but worth understanding.

Some people are just bisexual, it is not something that they can control, they just happen to like both genders equally. This alternative relationship can lead to one of the relationships above, if they are looking for both genders at the same time, but that is up to all of the parties involved. Being bisexual is not for everyone, but it is definitely an alternative relationship that should be understood!

Cross Dressing
I lot of people believe that you have to be gay in order for a man to dress up as a woman or a women to dress up as a man. While sometimes. Society thinks that drag queens and cross-dressers are gay, a lot of the time they aren’t, the man or the women just like to feel what it’s like to be in the others clothes. This alternative relationship is something that you’ll have to learn to understand if you are going to be in a relationship with a cross-dresser!

People who are transgender can be misunderstood a lot of the time. Being transgender is actually a state of a person’s gender identity. It’s where a woman might not feel like she really is a woman, but rather she feels as if she is a man. If you are in a relationship with someone who is transgender, you just have to be aware of what they are going through and how you can help!

Gay That includes being a lesbian or a gay man.
What is important in a relationship is love and while there may be some people who don’t understand gay relationships, the relationships are very similar to traditional, Gay people just like our own gender.

There you have it! While these alternative relationships might not be for everyone, they are relationships that need to be understood. After all, alternative relationships are still filled with love, no matter what. Explore,  discover and they may not be for you but they are for others. CAPC welcomes all lifestyles Welcome to uor Alternative Lifestyle social community

The Calgary Adult Polyamory Community Club has been around since 2006. There was a need for a no-pressure forum in which open-minded adults could meet and mingle.
CAPCClub into a discreet, relaxed, pressure-free Alternative Lifestyle social club for sexually adventurous adults that wish to explore the world of alternative lifestyles.
This experience has been made available by Lifestylers with a deep interest in the world of the Alternative Lifestyle. Their devotion is reflected by their commitment to make such a place of reality. Fantasy can be made real by interacting with others that share the same interests. This environment provides the atmosphere to create a relaxed atmosphere that no matter your gender or persona, your status single or as a couple or more, you have a safe and relaxed environment to enjoy.

CAPCClub meets at various locations that compliment the theme of the event 

CAPC-Elite meets at the GROTTO a very Unique Location West of Calgary 
The event organizers are also the owners of the property, and therefore, they control the type of access to the building at all times.

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CAPCClub and CAPC-Elite members are welcome to attend KNetic events 

Calgary Adult Polyamory Club (CAPCClub & CAPC-Elite) has certain expectations, standards and rules of conduct. We are an Alternate Lifestyles club. We believe in the openness of the modern couple’s lifestyle and your desire to share your relationship with others. Our members are professional, discreet and respectful couple, females and males with high energy and great attitudes toward life.

Members’ ages currently range from 21 to 70 plus.

We are not a one lifestyle club. Members of different nationalities have interests that range from: Swinging, Poly-amorous, Open relationships playing in kinks and fetish, Dominant or submissive, Heterosexual, Bi Sexual or Gay, Single or with a partner you are welcome at the Calgary Adult Polyamory Community Club. Ask any of the members what their lifestyle is all about and they will be happy to explain it you.

• No means No
• Enjoy the environment only to the level that you are comfortable with, nothing more!

We absolutely do not tolerate anyone making another member or guest feel uncomfortable or pressured. This is an environment where all should feel free and open to have the experience they choose to have.



Thank you for reading! CAPC events are not a free ticket to any any type of relationship,  connection and or interaction. CAPCClub provides a SAFE Environment for the Modern Alternative Lifestyle Adult to Socialize.
No Means No!
If this is something you would like to try please do request an invitation.

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