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Cuckolding Relationships Have Reached A Record High

Cuckolding Relationships Have Reached A Record High

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

 Cuckolding Relationships Have Reached A Record High

Every sexual relationship is different. However, some sexual fetishes are very different, and this is one of them. It turns out relationships that experiment with cuckolding are very much on the rise, and psychologists can’t quite figure out why. Theories abound everywhere, but the men and women taking part in the world of cuckolding don’t really care why they like it, they just do. On top of that, more and more people are discovering cuckolding as something they like, if Google searches for the fetish are any indication. Online communities about the fetish are popping up all the time, and existing ones are growing exponentially. If this is a fetish you find yourself drawn to, you’re definitely not alone. Real people do this all the time, and many of them have shared their stories online. Here’s everything you’d ever want to know about cuckolding, from the perspective of those who take part in it.

Evidently, 2016 is the year of the cuckold. For those who don’t know what cuckolding is, it’s the sexual fetish where men allow other men to have sex with their wives or girlfriends. They don’t get jealous, watching or even just knowing about it turns them on. Sometimes they do get jealous, but the jealousy in itself is arousing.

No one’s sure why this is becoming a thing right now. Psychologists believe that the underlying reason for it could be anything from latent male bisexuality to taking pride in the liberated sexualities of their wives. The men who are into it have even less of an idea, they just know that they like it.

Online communities all about cuckolding are all over the place. Most of them are filled with men talking about their various exploits and adventures being cuckolded by their wives. Some men even talk about how they arrived at the fact that they liked this. A lot of men end up keeping it a secret for years before letting their wives in on it. Reddit in particular has a huge community for this.

One wife even told a story about how she ended up with a husband…and a boyfriend. “I called my husband that night shaking like a leaf,” the woman admits. “Not only was he ecstatic, he wanted details, photos (none taken), and the whole story when he got home. When he got home, I told him everything and it aroused him so much, we had amazing sex.” Six months later, she found herself with both a husband and a boyfriend, and she couldn’t be happier.

Another man told a story about the game he plays with his wife. The game entails his wife being allowed to sleep with one other man at a time, and she can’t switch to someone else more than once a month. “Here is the fun part,” he explained, “She can’t let me catch her or she can’t f*** that guy for three months.”

One thread on the subreddit Explain Like I’m Five asked this very question. Reddit user ttmab7 asked what cuckolding was all about, and a lot of guys came forward to explain why they do it and what they like about it. Reddit user AnonSecrets described his own experience with cuckolding: “I’ve been into cuckold fantasies for a couple years. I finally told my gf about it, and a few nights ago she slept with another guy. I was really worried that it was just a fantasy, and that afterwards I would feel jealous, disgusted, or angry. But I didn’t. She sent me pictures of them together, and looking at them, I just felt extremely aroused and excited.”

One man said it all had to do with playing with power. Reddit user losingitwithstyle was happy to be able to answer one of the questions on Explain Like I’m Five with his own reasons why he was into it. “Humiliation Fetishes can come alot of the time from Men or Women who are in positions of great power thru work or social status. They manifest these fetishes by switching roles and going to the other end of the spectrum, Who was once given everything on a silver platter, never told no or never ever put down can become quite aroused by the role reverse.”

Another man thought it was about injecting feeling into your life when you’re overstimulated and everything feels the same. Reddit user surtr_the_jottun had his own theories about why people are into cuckolding, and it’s an interesting one: “people become overstimulated in different areas of their life and achieving feeling becomes harder, like working a physical job with your hands gives you calluses and you can’t feel as much. Assuming the humiliation has a sexual connotation, people get sexually abused or watch too much [adult film] or have sex with other people who are already in this state, and then all of a sudden they are stuck because once you’re there you’ve been over stimulated and doing something regular won’t feel like it once did and you’ll always need more. Stinkfist by tool is all about that and displays that kind of emotion nicely.”

One man was succinct: there doesn’t always have to be a reason. “A fetish is not necessarily logical or rational. Same with a foot fetish, or a rubber/latex fetish. There is just some inexplicable aspect of it that is arousing to some, but not to others.” said Reddit user Moskau50, talking about why some fetishes appeal to some people, but not to others.

Not every cuckolding relationship does the same things. Reddit user BarkSouls talked about his own experience with cuckolding, which was less of a lifestyle for him and more something fun to do. “My wife and I don’t have a cuckold relationship but we do have a hotwife type relationship which can be seen as similar to cuckolding without the humiliation. For us sharing my wife is just something that we see as just something fun to do sexually once in a while. We had a threesome with a male friend of mine last week but I probably spent more time watching them f**k than being involved in the threesome and it was incredibly hot.”

While the men who do it might not know exactly why they like it, psychologists are trying to get to the bottom of it. One reason men might like it is because they know their wives are hot, and it turns them on to see them reveling in their sexuality, not unlike an adult film star would. Cuckolding would basically give the man an up close and personal adult film right in front of him, and he’d have the benefit of knowing that the hot woman putting on the show goes home with him at the end of the day.

Other men do it for selfless reasons. Some men just love seeing their female partners be turned on, and cuckolding simply allows them to see it from another angle. Watching their partners have sex with another man would be the ultimate visual of his own primal desires, with the added benefit of being doubly transgressive to social norms.

Some men do it because they’re “preparing.” Generally, men are afraid of being cheated on, and cuckolding basically takes that fantasy, brings it to life, and leaves the man entirely in control of it. He’s taking his fears and making them sexy, essentially. This is sort of like finding out the monster under your bed and in your closet is a sexy woman who wants to have sex with you.

Some men like cuckolding because it gives them the chance to act out their bisexual impulses. For many men, this is more of a subconscious thing, but one study showed that over half of the men involved in the study liked cuckolding because it was an outlet for their bisexuality. This also changes the dynamic of the cuckolding relationship in itself, because the man being cuckolded would be the center of the dynamic, not the woman.

It doesn’t matter much why people like it. There are a ton of reasons and any one of them could apply to any man who likes getting cuckolded. The important thing is that everyone is enthusiastically consenting and everyone is having fun.

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