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Ms Stacey and Pj; CAPCClub have prided our-selves on maintaining a safe friendly environment for people to explore their choice of Lifestyle.

The Pandemic, COVID 19, more Specific Variants; Delta and others. All reports indicate that we are in the 4th wave, fuelled by a Variant.
There are many that have chosen to vaccinate and some have chose to hold off. We respect each persons decision to do what they feel right is for them.

As a result, CAPCClub, effective immediately the following will be implemented. To attend a CAPCClub event the member or non-member must:

  • Produce PROOF of two vaccinations; OR
  • Produce PROOF of a COVID 19 test within the 72 hours prior to attending a CAPCClub event.

Members and Non -Members should always use the rules of engagement with each possible partner. Have the discussion, it is your safety:

  • Health status, this includes STI’s;
  • Do’s and don’ts, likes and dis-likes;
  • Partners OKAY;
  • Thoughts, questions, statements on the connection;

You should always ask and be comfortable with the answer. If you are not, gracefully decline.

RE: CAPC-Elite at the Grotto for those that have reserved the event. And you are unable to meet the CAPCClub Pandemic Criteria. CAPCClub will re-imburse you. Please send an e-mail to

QUESTIONS Please send an e-mail to or call 825 407 8655

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